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LED LED Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin heavy metal band is the most popular and influential throughout the period. They adopted the style of blues rock with a more revolusionir, with the expertise and innovation studio that produced Jimmy Page albums popular and influential. More than two centuries after the band disbanded in 1980, Led Zeppelin music and are still frequently played on rock radio. Their influence not only to bands to heavy metal but also modern rock.

“Stairway to Heaven” is known as classic rock songs are the most commonly diudara around the world. Until now, Led Zeppelin have sold 300 million albums globally and 100 million of them in the U.S. market. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Led Zeppelin album sales are on the third position after The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant is a fan of blues. Two songs beginning their careers, “Whole Lotta Love” and “You Shook Me”, the song sounds similar to the blues singer Willie Dixon. Band charged to court on the making of the song without giving credit to Dixon. After umpteen years, finally reached a settlement and allocation of credit and the payment is intended to Willie Dixon.

Jimmy Page once said, “I think if The Rolling Stones tried to be a child Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin tried to become a child Howlin ‘Wolf.” In addition to blues, Led Zeppelin also loves American rock & roll style of Fats Domino and Little Richards and at live, they often bring rockabilly songs Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, and so forth. John Paul Jones and John Bonham is a heavy funk fans. Over a team like this rhythm section and extend mengimprovisasi songs funk and soul of Motown in the show often exceeds 3 hours.

Led Zeppelin was formed 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page with the name The New Yardbirds, which aims to fulfill some performance commitments that have been ordered before the Yardbirds disbanded. The New Yardbirds consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, vocalist Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham and bassist ex Yardbird Chris Dreja. Not long after, Dreja left the band to become a photographer (he is taking a photo back cover debut album Led Zeppelin) and its position is replaced old Page, John Paul Jones. The vocalist is actually the first selected Page Terry Reid, but Reid refused this opportunity and recommend Robert Plant. Plant accepted the bid and bring long friend of John Bonham Band of Joy.

After a few shows with this formation, the name was changed into the band Led Zeppelin. Name of the flat found The Who drummer Keith Moon commented that the band will fall as soon as a “lead balloon”. Groups like the name and change the “lead” to “led” to avoid spelling “LEED”.

After the first tour, the first album released in January 1969. Combination of blues and rock with distortion amplification makes this album one of the most important album in the evolution of heavy metal. Although some of the songs is a cover song from the blues standard, “Communication breakdown” there is a unique sound and weight. Album also includes a clear game Page acoustic guitar in “Black Mountain Side” and the combination of acoustic / electric in “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”. The success of the album’s first career trip to encourage direct Led Zeppelin, especially in the United States that they often tour.

Second album, Led Zeppelin II, released a year later with the same style. Album begins with a gigantic riff “Whole Lotta Love” is driven by the rhythm section drum and bass John Bonham John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin membentukkan sound at that time. More successful second album from the first album and reached position no. 1 in the UK or the U.S. chart . Led Zeppelin II contains songs based riff-riff of the original Led Zeppelin remain electrically based blues. “Heartbreaker” shows the great guitar solo that makes the Page as one of the heroes in the era of the guitar. “Moby Dick” is a solo drum track often extended from seven to tens of minutes while live, with Bonham menabuhkan drumnya up to the level that has never been achieved before drummer, and the speed and completeness wasp drumnya become major attractions in the Led Zeppelin concert. In terms of production, processing Led Zeppelin II Led’s more mature I thanks to the expertise Zeppelin Jimmy Page in the case of technical studio and overdub.

To get inspiration Led Zeppelin III, the band-in to Bron-Yr-Aur, a house on the outskirts of Wales. Peaceful environment there menginspirasikan sound nuances of acoustic Celtic music and English folk, the show the other side expertise Page. Although not approved by the band, Atlantic Records released “Immigrant Song” from Led Zeppelin III as a single (previously Atlantic also released “Whole Lotta Love” in the short version to be single). Although the desire band manager Peter Grant and all the material that Led Zeppelin does not have to be single and be heard in full per album, nine remain single printed label. The band also refused to TV’s sound quality can be controlled. Led Zeppelin should dinyaksikan in concert.

The variety of music there is a Led Zeppelin album in the fourth without a known title and is often referred to as Led Zeppelin IV, Zoso, Runes, or Four Symbols. Not only without the title, the name of the band is also not written in the cover. Album contains a hard rock song “Black Dog”, rockabilly song “Rock and Roll”, mystical folk-style songs Tolkien “The Battle of Taylor” and a combination of hard rock songs-folk “Stairway to Heaven”. “Stairway to Heaven” was never released as a single but a big hit in the radio AOR (Album-Oriented Read more of this post


Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck is a British guitarist who had joined the Yardbirds and formed The Jeff Beck Group. He then run a long solo curry.

He is one of the 1960s the guitarist to experiment with electronic distortion (audible in the album Yardbirds Roger the Engineer 1966), which create a new definition of the role of sound and electric guitar in rock music. They anticipate what is explored and Jimi Hendrix.

Beck weakness lies in the ability of instrumental difficulties adjusting themselves in the chemical group. Perhaps the only group capable of equal abilities is Jeff Beck Group, but excessive dominasinya dissolve the group after making two albums. Recently, he absorbed the influence of techno and guitar blend to create a rock and electronics as Electro guitar.

1960s rock musicians like the others, Jeff Beck start career as a guitarist in London Sessi. He joined The Yardbirds Eric Clapton who left in 1965 and together with guitarist Jimmy Page to play dual-lead. The existence of the many hits he produced for the Yardbirds. However, after 18 months, he left the band because of this stress.

The following year, Beck formed Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart on merekruit vocal, Ron Wood on bass, Mick Waller on drums and Nicky Hopkins on piano. Jeff Beck Group to make two albums, Truth (1968) and Beck-Ola (1969). The-skewer between them lead to Rod Stewart and Ron Wood turned to The Faces. Truth menginspirasikan to make Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin I.

Jeff Beck Jeff Beck Group disband in 1972 and formed a power trio named Beck, Bogert and Appice, with Tim Bogert on bass and Carmine Read more of this post

Profile Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses get sound combined hard rock / heavy metal style of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith with beautiful blues and country style of Rolling Stones. At the end of the era of hair metal 80an where bands play simple music on the sweet faces, Guns N ‘Roses to play rock music the complex and “ugly”, and remove the face-face sweet berdandanan from the rock stage. Bad attitude that they resent proyeksikan but won many fans that the mass is very large. Danger of disturbance in concert they create their nickname “the most dangerous band in the world.” With the music trends that lead to hip hop, Guns N ‘Roses is the band’s legendary rock & roll past.

Band was formed in 1985 in Los Angeles by vocalist Axl Rose, guitarist Tracii Guns, guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Ole Beich (later replaced Duff McKagan) and drummer Rob Gardner. The name is taken from a combination of two bands that they play before – Hollywood Rose and LA Guns. When Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner berhadangan come to a show in Seattle, take Rose guitarist Slash and drummer Steven Adler’s new him know to join. The next year, Slash and Adler and join the official formation membentukkan Guns N ‘Roses the most famous.

Band menendatangani contract with Geffen Records and the debut album Appetite for Destruction was released in August 1987. When released, the single “Welcome to the Jungle” less attractive, but after Geffen Records boss David Geffen call MTV to request additional time delivery, “Welcome to the Jungle” in request-ongoing. Second single, “Sweet Child of Mine,” getting heavy radio and MTV well and become a smash hit. “Welcome to the Jungle” and then released back when “Paradise City” show, the album has reached no. 1 owing to a successful tour. Both the “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” and “Paradise City” into a third-tiganya top 10 single. To date, Appetite for Destruction has sold 20 million units and become more terlaris debut album throughout the period. Cover album original illustration Surreal end there is a rape. After diprotes, design and replaced the unit terlanjur goods sold to be collections of rare.

1988, Guns N ‘Roses were invited to appear on the Monster of Rock Festival at Castle Donington, UK with Megadeth, KISS and Iron Maiden. While Guns N ‘Roses appears on stage, 100,000 spectators started pushing forward and jump up to two spectators terinjak dead. Band game forward because they do not know the incident. Guns N ‘Roses became stars in the festival’s incredible.

Behavior of members of the band is always the media attention. McKagan, Slash and Adler often seen intoxicated above and below the stage. Slash and McKagan appearing even in the American Music Awards-style and say the word drunk rough. Geffen Records, they ask for improved behavior. Rose also threaten the band will disband if they continue to drunk and drug mengonsumsi the weight.

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