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Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses get sound combined hard rock / heavy metal style of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith with beautiful blues and country style of Rolling Stones. At the end of the era of hair metal 80an where bands play simple music on the sweet faces, Guns N ‘Roses to play rock music the complex and “ugly”, and remove the face-face sweet berdandanan from the rock stage. Bad attitude that they resent proyeksikan but won many fans that the mass is very large. Danger of disturbance in concert they create their nickname “the most dangerous band in the world.” With the music trends that lead to hip hop, Guns N ‘Roses is the band’s legendary rock & roll past.

Band was formed in 1985 in Los Angeles by vocalist Axl Rose, guitarist Tracii Guns, guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Ole Beich (later replaced Duff McKagan) and drummer Rob Gardner. The name is taken from a combination of two bands that they play before – Hollywood Rose and LA Guns. When Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner berhadangan come to a show in Seattle, take Rose guitarist Slash and drummer Steven Adler’s new him know to join. The next year, Slash and Adler and join the official formation membentukkan Guns N ‘Roses the most famous.

Band menendatangani contract with Geffen Records and the debut album Appetite for Destruction was released in August 1987. When released, the single “Welcome to the Jungle” less attractive, but after Geffen Records boss David Geffen call MTV to request additional time delivery, “Welcome to the Jungle” in request-ongoing. Second single, “Sweet Child of Mine,” getting heavy radio and MTV well and become a smash hit. “Welcome to the Jungle” and then released back when “Paradise City” show, the album has reached no. 1 owing to a successful tour. Both the “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” and “Paradise City” into a third-tiganya top 10 single. To date, Appetite for Destruction has sold 20 million units and become more terlaris debut album throughout the period. Cover album original illustration Surreal end there is a rape. After diprotes, design and replaced the unit terlanjur goods sold to be collections of rare.

1988, Guns N ‘Roses were invited to appear on the Monster of Rock Festival at Castle Donington, UK with Megadeth, KISS and Iron Maiden. While Guns N ‘Roses appears on stage, 100,000 spectators started pushing forward and jump up to two spectators terinjak dead. Band game forward because they do not know the incident. Guns N ‘Roses became stars in the festival’s incredible.

Behavior of members of the band is always the media attention. McKagan, Slash and Adler often seen intoxicated above and below the stage. Slash and McKagan appearing even in the American Music Awards-style and say the word drunk rough. Geffen Records, they ask for improved behavior. Rose also threaten the band will disband if they continue to drunk and drug mengonsumsi the weight.

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