Nishino Kana – Download Full

Nishino Kana

  • Name: Nishino Kana (西野カナ)
  • Birthday: March 18, 1989
  • Birthplace: Mie Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 158cm
  • Favourite Artists: Christina Aguilera, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez

    From when she was little, Nishino learned English from English conversation schools, and went to America twice. She then was interested in various genres of music, including hip-hop, R&B and reggae. On the other hand, she also enjoyed traditional Japanese literature, and started singing Japanese folk songs. Her dream of becoming a singer started from junior high school. When she was 16 her mother secretly sent a demo tape of hers to the Miss Phoenix Audition (ミス・フェニックスオーディション), and she was rated the top singer entrant out of approximately 40,000 applicants. A year later in 2006, she was signed to SME Records.

    In 2007 while preparing to be a singer, she was also studying English literature at university. At the time she met Australian duo Nervo, who offered Nishino a song called I Don’t Wanna Know for use in her music project. Nishino rewrote the song’s lyrics into Japanese herself, and re-titled it I.

    In December 2007 her official site opened, and from that time onwards *I* ~Merry Christmas ver.~ was available as a digital download from several Japanese sites, including The original version of the song I Don’t Wanna Know was available as a digital download on the American iTunes from New Years’ Day onwards. The physical version was released two months later, on the 20th of February.


    [2008.02.20] I

    [2008.04.23] glowly days
    [2008.08.13] Style.
    [2009.01.28] MAKE UP
    [2009.03.18] 遠くても feat. WISE
    [2009.06.03] 君に会いたくなるから

    [2009.06.24] LOVE one.

    Digital Download:
    [2007.12.01] *I* ~Merry Christmas ver.~ (
    [2008.01.01] I Don’t Wanna Know (US iTunes)

    [2008.02.20] I ~SiZK "Water Drop" MIX~


    glowly days
    遠くても feat. WISE | Eng. Sub
    あえなくても [WISE feat. 西野カナ] | Eng. Sub
    君の声を feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
    もっと… [HD]

    TV Performances:

    glowly days [Music Fighter 2008.04.12]
    遠くても feat. WISE [Music Fighter 2009.04.15]
    君に会いたくなるから [Music Japan 2009.05.17]
    君に会いたくなるから [CDTV 2009.06.14]
    君に会いたくなるから [Music Station 2009.07.10]

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