Danson Tang – D Gravity

(New Albums!) Danson Tang – D Gravity (16 January 2009)

Danson Tang

Album : D-Gravity (D新引力)
Artist : Danson Tang (唐禹哲)
Release : 16 January 2009
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
01.Kiss Me Now
02.一 言为定 (Yi Yan Wei Ding)
03.新歌 (Xin He) —> RECOMENDED!!!!!!!!
04.告诉我 (Gao Su Wo)
05.舍不得放手 (She Bu De Fang Shou)
06.传话游戏 (Chuan Hua You Xi)
07.绝无仅有 (Jue Wu Jin You)
08.不能不想她 (Bu Neng Bu Xiang Ta)
09.最温柔的悬念 (Zui Wen Rou De Xuan Nian)
10.情报 (Qing Bao)

Click Here to Download From IDWS

sumber : http://www.indowebster.web.id/showthread.php?t=12134

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