PROFILE REB BEACH (winger/eks whitesnake)

REB BEACH (winger/eks whitesnake)

    Original name: Richard Earl Beach
    Stage Name: Reb Beach
    Date of Birth: 31 August 1963
    Guitar: Ibanez Voyager RBM, RBM Suhr, Ibanez WRB-3, Ibanez RG560
    Effects: Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, Boss LS-2 Line Selector, Digitech Whammy II, Danelectro Dan-Echo delay, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion, crybaby Wah-Wah, Morley AB box
    Ampli: Marshall
    Musical influences: Steve Morse, Kiss, Aerosmith, Queen and Van Halen
    Favorite guitarist: Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse
    Experience Band: Dokken, Winger, Whitesnake

Reb Beach is a guitar shredder that is known in the era of 80-an. Grow and develop in Pennsylvania, the remajanya he spend a lot of heed to the albums Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar and Ronnie Montrose. Age 13 years is the period beginning-he play the guitar, but 2 years later he was already stabilizing intention to become a professional guitarist. Reb then took a moment to feel the music in Berklee education before deciding to move to New York. Hijrah after he won a song contest held every year. This is his career in the city slowly began to climb.

1985 is the first year start menekuni world records. Reb appear at that time as a guitarist for a soundtrack album The Lost Boys. A year later he was appearing on 3 albums from artists that vary, such as Fiona, Howard Jones, and legendary singer Chaka Khan. 1988 Reb Winger joined the group. Debut album with the band and take this as a guitarist Reb game that many disimak. In addition to successfully get the platinum, face even more often decorate the guitar magazines. Name Reb Beach is known more knowledgeable when he participated in at least an album compilation of legendary guitarist, Guitar That Rule The World.

Reb has a video lesson 2 that was released in 1991 and 2003. The first, entitled Cutting Loose, where it appears with the Ibanez Voyager that has a characteristic shape. Both video titled Homegrown Private Lesson Volume 1. Reb also has issued 2 albums solonya Masquerade and The Fusion Demos in 2001.

Reb also had joined in Dokken (George Lynch replace) and in 2004 at the legendary rock group led by David Coverdale, Whitesnake. He was also showing some of the artists on their albums, such as Minoru Niihara (vocalis Loudness), Alice Cooper, Brian McDonald, Kip Winger, Bee Gees, Twisted Sisters, etc..

From: rollingstones magazines

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